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Monday, January 25, 2010

Not So Much

In this really freaky sort of way, it's good to feel an emotion other than fear, anxiety or nervousness.  Right now, I'm just feeling plain ole livid.

I am going to try to keep this as anonymous as possible, because I realize that just because someone's political views differ from mine, it doesn't necessarily reflect the person's goodness.  I have so many AMAZING friends (many of whom read this you guys!) who view the political world differently than I do.  They are friends who would do anything for me, and I for them.  Our love for each other is not affected by the ballot box.

So, it's not a different opinion that infuriates me today, but, rather, the skewing of my words to support an ideology I am dead-set against.

THIS is what I read on a blog today:

Update on Ellie:
The surgery she needs to walk and reduce pain has been postponed again due to the rationing of Canada's health care.  This is now her third date: 26.January.2010.  Then it's off to the USA for her needed post-op physical therapy.

I don't know this blogger.  I am overcome with gratitude that she has mentioned us in her writings and that she has asked people to pray for my sweet girl.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that.

What I HATE, however, is the misrepresentation in this short paragraph.

NEVER, EVER HAVE I SAID OR IMPLIED THAT ELLIE'S SURGERY RESCHEDULE WAS DUE TO THE RATIONONING OF CANADA'S HEALTHCARE.  We live in Canada BECAUSE of the healthcare system.  The reason Ellie's surgery was rescheduled from January 5th was because a boy was experiencing 100+ seizures per day and Dr. Steinbok needed to operate on his brain before Ellie's spine.  It has nothing to do with rationing.  The same thing could have easily happened in the US.  The reason why there aren't any local neurosurgeons performing SDR has nothing to do with rationing and everything to do with population.  We live in a very sparsely populated part of the country.  Our local neurosurgeon actually did perform SDR surgeries for a while, but because the demand was so low, he decided it was better to refer his patients to Vancouver, to see a surgeon who performed hundreds of these procedures each year.  That is NOT rationing.

WE ARE NOT GOING TO FLORIDA BECAUSE THE POST-OP THERAPY IS BETTER THERE THAN IN CANADA.  We receive amazing therapy at home.  And, our physiotherapy and occupational therapy is completely covered.  What a blessing!  I can't even imagine how much our medical bills would be if we lived in the US.  Again, because we live in a sparsely populated area, there aren't as many therapy options for us.  The therapy we're receiving in Florida is not free.  Far from.  If we lived in Alabama, for instance, we'd be faced with the same dilemma, because there are NO conductive education centers in that state.  So, in order to receive the frequency of post-op rehab we desire, we'd be forced to either move to a city near a center, or spend $100 per ONE HOUR of physical therapy. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on healthcare.  I know that.  I accept that.  But, PLEASE, don't EVER use my words or situation to defend a system that, in my opinion, is completely ridiculous and inhumane.

Whew, that felt good to get off my chest.


Regina said...

It's okay for us to have different thoughts on the healthcare plan but for someone to post that on their blog is absolutely tasteless! You need to delete their blog from yours if you can (I don't know how those work). Comments like that are only going to upset you and you don't need anything like that right now. We love y'all bunches!

momtoablessing said...

I agree with Regina