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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Night Before



Today was okay.  And, honestly, I'm feeling better now than I have all day.  I think I know why.  There's this guy.  He arrived in Vancouver today.  His presence gives me comfort and stability.

AND.  Today I was flooded with info on the post-op period and I think it will be better than I first thought (assuming everything goes according to "plan").  I'm not as scared.  I can do this.  WE can do this.  For Ellie.

Ellie was nervous today.  When she gets stressed like that, she tends to go to the bathroom a lot.  It was frustrating because she'd have to go in the middle of a therapy or doctor's appointment.  And, even though I am so very grateful that she's potty trained, it is DIFFICULT doing the bathroom thing with her.  Her little legs are so stiff that sitting on the toilet is a challenge.  Never mind getting her on and off the seat, heaving her up to the sink to wash her hands, etc.  Doing all of this with a 38-pounder is not for the faint of heart.  It was such a good reminder to me of WHY we are doing this tomorrow.  Ellie will be able to move her legs apart with relative ease!  Even if she doesn't get to independent walking, THAT alone will be worth it, because it's one step closer to full independence for her. 

So, THANK YOU, again for the prayers.  They must be working.  It's the night before my baby's spine surgery and I'm sitting her feeling okay about it.  Only through prayer.

I'm just gonna be bold and give y'all a list of prayer requests for tomorrow.  You are so faithful in your love, support and prayers.  Some of you have asked me for specific requests, so here they are:

*Sleep for tonight
*Ellie won't be too nervous before the surgery
*The IV won't hurt her
*The waiting room and hospital room will have internet access
*We'll get a private room
*PAIN MANAGEMENT for sweet Ellie (this is one of my worst fears)
*Angels in the operating room
*The waiting won't be too excruciating for Richard, me or my mom
*I won't puke
*We will be examples of Christ to all the doctors and hospital staff
*Ellie will sleep nicely, peacefully and pain-free for the first 24 hours

I'm sure I'll add more tomorrow and the next day...


Mo said...

ALL DAY my thoughts and prayers. I woke tihnking of you all this morning but what an awesome day this is for you. Again, I personally know of someone who has had this surgery and she has made wonderful, WONDERFUL, progress and Ellie will too.

momtoablessing said...

Ellie will be in my thoughts all day today hope all goes well. and will be checking for updates as we will be going through the same thing in the next year or so. Right now we have to get over her surgery that shes having on her legs in march

James Patrick said...

Praying Praying Praying!!!!!

Kat said...

I'll have you in my thoughts!