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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just When You Thought I Wasn't Coo-coo-foo-foo Enough...

In my 29 (!) years, I have learned not to publicly commit to something I can't follow through with. Like dieting. NEVER proclaim to the world that you're on Weight Watchers because then everyone is witness to your failure when you eat three pieces of birthday cake at a family party.

But, today, as I bite my fingernails with nervous anticipation, I am declaring to the blog world that I am going to post something EVERY DAY of November.

It's insanity really. November is a freakishly busy month for me, but maybe some blogging will be good therapy. Maybe I need some booty-whoopin' to get back into blogging shape.

Whatever the case, you'll be "seeing" a lot of me in the next 30 days!

Till tomorrow...