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Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's a sad day when half-marathon training becomes an easier resolution than blogging 52 times in one year!  But, alas, I have committed to both, so I will keep keeping on.

Life is busy.  My brain is tired.  My fingers, like my heart, are sometimes too fatigued to regurgitate my feelings into cyber words. 

So, today, you get a Top Five List. 

Top Five Conversations From This Past Week

1.  "I have chosen you as 6-month tenants for my single family home."  
Did I mention that we've *basically* sold our house?!  I only add the asterisks because there are conditions on the offer that come off on March 30th.  We have no reason to believe that the buyer will have any trouble meeting these conditions, so I'm moving along as if it's sold (famous last words?).  Of course, that means we need a place to live while our new house is being built!  I was really hoping that we'd be able to find a single family home, rather than an apartment, because wall-and-ceiling-sharing neighbors always scare me (or, more accurately, I don't want to be restricted by THEIR noise regulations, ha!).   There was only one neighborhood house advertised for rent and the landlady had more than a dozen rental requests within the first week of advertising.  All of the other tenants-in-waiting were willing to sign one-year leases.  Yet, for some miraculous reason, the landlady chose US!  She said that we "felt like the right fit".  Well, hit me with a hot note and watch me bounce, I'll gladly fit into your 4 bedroom, 2 bath air-conditioned rental!

2.  "Dear Jesus, please help Grandpa not to fall out of any more trucks..."
Oh, Ellie.  My dad fell out of a semi-truck last week, and, as he was saving his face, he broke his wrist.  That evening, as Ellie and I were saying her night-time prayers, I suggested that we pray for Grandpa, that his hand would feel better and heal quickly.  And, well, this is how Ellie interpreted that suggestion.  Funny girl.

3.  "And with that, the West Virginia Mountaineers are out of the tournament..."
Oh, I have nothing against West Virginia.  In fact, Richard was born there, and many of his extended family still live there.  BUT, I was elated when the Mountaineers went down in the second round of the March Madness tourney because Richard picked them as grand champions in his brackets.  Bwa ha ha!  The bracket-loser is responsible for cleaning BOTH vehicles (inside and out, including Armor All and vacuuming!) AND the winner gets to pick the restaurant and movie.  A clean car, sushi restaurant and a chick's too much happiness!

4."Mommy!  Your pants are falling off!"
Guess that's what happens when you do enough of that aforementioned marathon-training!

And, by far, the very best conversation I had this week...

5. Ellie's Occupational Therapist: "I'm a nervous wreck!  My daughter is a journalist and now she's in Japan, covering the earthquake."
   Me: "Oh, yes, I once had a dream of foreign correspondence.  In fact, I even went to journalism school at Carleton University."
   Ellie's OT: "Really?  That's where my daughter went!  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you were there at the same time---you're probably her age."
   Me: "Oh, yeah, how old is she?"
   Ellie's OT: "28."



ellen :) said...

I LOVE number 5 too! That is awesome!!!!!!!! :)

And God bless you for all that training, girl! You go! :)

Kristi said...

You go girl on #5!! I can't get your email so catch me on BBC, I passed you my email! The one I use for these comments goes totally unchecked and I need to ask you more and more and MORE questions!! Keep up the marathon training!! I'm going to register for a half once baby is born :)