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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pulling at Strings




Trying to come up with a blog post.

Not going so well.

It’s Tuesday, and in order to keep up with my 2011 resolution, I MUST blog today. But, my brain is blank. Probably because it’s saturated. I’ve got a lot of things going on these days. Applying to graduate school (you’d think that compiling a “Statement of Purpose” would be easy for a writer like me. Guess-freakin’-again!). House selling. House building. Singing in a church band. Being a youth leader. Trying to see my kid and husband more than an hour each day. Training for a marathon (:-)). Blogging (:-)).

There’s so much going on in my day-to-day life, that it’s hard to come up with a “Deep Thoughts with Chrystie” script.

So, maybe it’s a good day for a Top Five List?

But, geez Louise, that means coming up with a TOPIC for the Top Five List!


Okay. How’s this for “interesting”:

Top Five Things About My Day So Far:

1) On our way to the Movement Centre this morning, Ellie read me her “Tangled” book. By “read”, I mean “telling me her own version of the story”. Apparently, Rapunzel’s mom was mean and bad because she didn’t go to church. I was laughing so hard that I opted to forego the theological discussion that was most likely warranted.

2) I’ve had 3 college students come up to my office this afternoon, just to say hi. I love that! Best part of my job, hands down.

3) I got to Costco 15 minutes before the doors opened this morning. So, I sat in my warm car and prayed. Prayed for people. Prayed for myself. Prayed that the house would sell. Prayed for wisdom. Prayed for a grateful heart. It was good for my soul.

4) I got into a warm(ish) car this morning, thanks to my Richie-Rich, who parked it in the garage overnight and made sure that Ellie’s stroller, walker and canes were in the trunk for me. Of course, he did this all at 10:00 last night, when the windchill was a balmy -45 degrees. Just so Ellie and I could start our day off without frostbite. That guy’s a keeper.

5) I had REAL cream in my TIMMY’S coffee. I’ve been trying to downgrade to (the much more healthy) milk in my (much less expensive) homemade coffee. But, today, I treated myself to a medium Timmy’s with CREAM, and it was SO, SO good.

Now, if only my graduate school application consisted of a Top Five List…