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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Message

Sometimes, to add a bit of spice to my spiritual life, I read The Message, instead of my “regular” NIV Bible. A little bit of Message is good for the soul.

For instance, today.

I am starting to stress about the house-selling situation (aren’t you amazed that it’s taken me THIS long to start worrying about it?!). We FINALLY have our new-house floor plan finished, so now my brain has room to panic about the selling of our existing home. I try to tell myself, as I dust every corner, and try to remember to put my bra in a not-so-public place, that the state of my Tupperware drawer is not going to cause someone to pass on buying our house. BUT, deep down, I think, “but, what if? What if one more scrub, one more sweep, one more swipe of Windex, will make the difference?” And, of course, that intensifies the already-overloaded self-induced pressure I feel.

So. I needed some calming today. To The Message I went!

Luke 21:14
“Make up your mind right now not to worry about it!”

I betcha that’s how God’s saying it too. Or, maybe something like this:

“Gee Whiz, Chrystie, get that burning fork out of your ying yang and calm down! I’ve got it all under control!”

It made me laugh. And it relaxed my soul.

So, today, I’m gonna make up my mind to not worry about it. And, in my little brain, there seems to be a lot of “its” to worry about. Thus, I’ve got a lot of mind-making to do.