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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Earlier this week, I thought Ellie and I should go to the mall to see what kind of next-size-up summer clothes we could snag on a great sale. Apparently, I wasn't the only mom who had this *bright* idea.

Needless to say, after maneuvering the stroller, or mama-bulldozing a pathway for Ellie in her walker, we decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

So, Build-A-Bear it was!

This was Ellie's first time at the highly overpriced store, and she really liked it. She was scared of anything that made noise (the "stuffer" and any noise-maker add-ons), but she loved everything else.

At the beginning of the process, I asked Ellie what she wanted to name her bear. Her immediate response was, "Chrystie". I vetoed that one. Her second choice was "Bea". I was surprised by the name, since I'd never heard her use it before, but later found out that my mom's new 3-year-old neighbor girl is named Bea. Cute!

So, here is the building of Bea:

Giving her a post-stuffing bath


All clean and ready to get dressed

Ellie made her daddy proud by picking a "Red, White and Blue" outfit for Miss Bea

Getting Bea un-nekkid

Ha! Ellie looks quite proud!

Making Bea's birth certificate....luckily, she's got an easy name to spell!

The finished product!


Jane said...

You're such a nice mama! Oscar always insists on going into that horrid place but I have yet to explain to him what is actually possible there. I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

Mary Ellen said...

Awwww that looks like fun!

Marjan said...

Looks like fun. I'd like to build a bear but you're right, it's sooo expensive. Looks like Ellie had a blast!