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Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Blue

Hey kids.

It's Monday. And I've got a slight case of the Monday Blahs.

The mental Tylenol for my Monday was the mere thought of tomorrow morning. Usually Ellie has therapy on Tuesday mornings (hence the reason why I start work at 1:00) and we have to leave the house around 7:45. But, tomorrow, Ellie's therapist is in meetings all morning so we have a Tuesday off. And we all know what that means:


Y'all, my girl is such a rock-star sleeper and it is pure bliss. I don't take one moment of sleeping-through-the-night-ness for granted. Not after surviving that hellish first year of Ellie's life, when she'd wake up 3+ times per night, wailing at the top of her lungs. Life is so much better with sleep. And both us girls love our beauty rest. When allowed, Ellie will often sleep till 9.

And THAT's what she was fixin' to do tomorrow.

Until I made the phone call.

Richard sent me this picture as part of an email:

It's a arm-powered tricycle that I thought would be GREAT for Ellie! 'Course, Richie also sent me the price to go along with the tricycle pictures: $700. SO, rather than try to come up with the money to buy this BMW-ish trike, I figured I'd call over to our Children's Rehab Centre (where we get all of Ellie's equipment) to see if they had anything of the sort.

I also had it on my list to call over there to inquire about a special stroller. The not-quite-a-wheelchair-but-more-than-a-Babies-R-Us-Stroller. Bah humbug.

Our typical wait for an appointment at the Rehab Centre is a month or two, so I wasn't expecting anything till July or later. Well, waddayaknow, they had an opening for tomorrow!

At 9:00. AM.

It's a one-hour drive to the centre, which means we'd have to leave around 7:45. Which means getting up at 7:00. Which is a far, far cry from my dreams of 9:00.

It made me bitter. Selfishly bitter. I know it's ridiculous, but I really really wanted to sleep in tomorrow, slowly drink my coffee, and spend the morning getting ready for my garage sale. Instead, I'll be up early, I'll be driving for 2 hours, and I'll be sitting in a doctor's office, trying to entertain a tired kid for 2 hours. Lucky me.

Or, maybe UNlucky me.

It just frustrates me sometimes. Parenting is tough no matter what the circumstances. It requires constant selflessness. And that's difficult for me. I'm selfish. Sometimes, though, especially on a blah Monday, it feels like it's just one thing after the other. Not just for me, but for Ellie too. SHE likes to sleep as much as I do. SHE hates doctor's appointments as much as I do. SHE's tired of being in the car as much as I am.

And it's raining.

I need a cookie.


Anonymous said...

*gasp* I was just going to send you some cookies! How fortuitous that you require that exact remedy right now.


p.s. It's not raining anymore. :)

Mary Ellen said...

Oh how I feel your frustration :-) And I wish I could send you a great BIG cookie all the way from Alabama. But instead I myself will be up bright and early on our way to therapy as well. I hope your drive goes well and Ellie doesnt mind the dr too much tommorrow.

Sheila said...

Big hugs! I know the feeling! But I'm oh-so-jealous of your girl that sleeps! Malayna's wake up time is currently about 6:30 and she still doesn't sleep through the night by herself so I'm in her bed when she wakes up. Grrr!

Richard said...

Thankfully, there's a big box o' homemade chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter. When taken as a palliative for the humbugs, the calories don't even count. It's a little-known medical fact; I heard it from a Dr. Dick B.

Funny aside -- my word verification: Dione. Politics (of the Canadian ilk) even make their way into the comments! (I'm SURE it's not referencing the Greek goddess.) Well, **I** thought it was funny, but I'm odd like that.

Anonymous said...

This same Dr. Dick B prescribed my daily dose of prenatal ice cream. He's a GREAT doctor - really on the cutting edge.