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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Got Nothin'

So busy.

Lack of writing motivation.

A long weekend and birthday parties and working nearly full-time and parenting and driving to and from therapy and doc appointments will do that to ya.

Catching up on the SEVERE lack of sleep from last weekend, when we went out to bee-oo-tee-ful Saskatchewan with 25 hyper and fabulous teeny-boppers to do a little Jesus praising.

Kick me in the bootay for not having even ONE new Ellie pic to post. BAD MOM!

Ellie's saying about 1000 new words a day. Her favorite word is "fart". Except she says is with a British accent so it comes out as "Faht". Precious, that girl.

Really need to apologize to y'all for being such a bad blogger! Does my special creativity in today's post make up for any of it?!

I'll leave you with some pictures I *do* have....from our weekend with our youth group:

Getting ready for the 8-hour bus ride, starting at 7am. I am actually embarrassed by how thrilled I look.

Getting ready for the 8-hour bus ride back home. Tee hee, I guess I was more excited to be going *that* direction!

The following two pictures were taken especially for my dear friend, Miss Regina, all the way out in beloved Bama! Regina, they named a city after you!

Alright, well, I just realized that I actually have no good pics of anyone familiar (ie: Richie or me) from the long weekend away. We were too busy chasing, er, I mean loving on our kids to find time to snap photos, I guess.

So, in lieu of a picture, I will officially leave you with a funny story:

Our youth conference was held at a Bible College in the middle of nowhere (ie: Saskatchewan). We all slept in the dorms, as the college students were already finished their academic year. Us girls got stuck in a really crappy dorm where there was one big bathroom to be shared by the entire hall (I'd guess that there were 30 girls on the floor). There were four showers and four toilet stalls in the bathroom. One afternoon, when I went to the bathroom to pee, I overheard two girls talking in (separate) showers. The conversation went something like this:

"Oh crap! I forgot to take off my bra and panties!"
"K, what?"
"I forgot to take off my underwear and now they're all wet!"
"K, WHAT?"
"And, man, I don't know if I brought another bra along!"
"K, WHAT?"

I laughed out loud on the potty. How on earth do you FORGET to take off your clothes before getting in the shower?!


Jennifer said...

ah....gotta love teenagers! i do miss 'em somedays. And I love it! Get a video of Ellie saying "faht." I want to hear it!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi from fellow mama of 6 kids (3 of which have cp)