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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Checkin' In

Whew, there's a lot going on.

We have something up every night this week. Richard's lovin' it. Me, not so much. I used to be a social butterfly, but I think my wings are a little worn these days. I get tired. I need at least one night a week to just veg (ie: watch "So You Think You Can Dance"). Makes me feel kinda old. Boo.

I don't have enough time to post any heart-news, but I have a couple of those entries waiting. I need to blog about what's (not) going on with adoption plans. I need to blog about the new boy in Ellie's therapy class; the one who is severely physically and mentally disabled because his biological parents beat the crap out of him when he was a baby. I need to blog about how terrified I am of sending my sweet Ellie to preschool in two months. See, that's why I need a night of nothingness--so I can blog!

For now, though, you'll have to be satisfied with a few pictures. Finally, I know!

My cousin turned the big "1-1" last week and Ellie lurved every minute of attention she stole from the Birthday Girl.

Can you tell that Miss Ellie Mae Clampet adores her Uncle?!

Ellie's new favorite thing to do is to sit in the car and drive. The other day I asked her where she was driving to and she said, "To see Southern Grandma". Now, given the fact that Southern Grandma lives 1500 miles away, I'm thinking my little girl is a road trip junkie! I haven't yet noticed her flippin' the bird out the window, so she must not be paying *too* much attention to her dad when he drives. Good thing...

We're trying to make Ellie go down the stairs on her own. She's doing really well! For the most part, she slides down, but occasionally she'll stop and bend her knees too. The "going up" part is still a work in progress, since it's really difficult for her to raise her knees an entire stair length. But, we're trying! The big screen TV is downstairs, so the girl's gotta learn how to get there!

Jelly B'Ellie's doing really well with her walker, whoot! She's starting to really use it to get places around the house. Every morning she walks down the hall from her bedroom to the kitchen for breakfast, then from the kitchen to the bathroom to wash her hands, then from the bathroom to the bedroom to get dressed. She's learning how to squeeze and steer the walker into doorways, too. It's awesome! The other day she wanted to see out the front door, so she walked herself over there!

I leave you with a picture I entitle, "Could there BE more static in the air?"


Emma said...

Ellie looks so cute!

Southern Eccentric said...

Looks like you've got a great bunch of swingers there. :-) & if Ellie's going on a road trip, sounds like she's got the perfect destination in mind.

Anonymous said...

Ellie is getting so big and looks like she is doing great in her walker! I was trying to make Avery watch the video of Ellie (she needs inspiration), but she was too busy watching her show. Avery will be doing intensive therapy starting in July after she heals from her orthopedic surgery so I'm hoping.