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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still Here...

Don't y'all be calling 911 or Nancy Grace. I'm still here. Safe. Not kidnapped. Not murdered. Not frozen in a ditch.

I'm just finding it really hard to get out of this funk and find the words to express what's going on in my heart and head. Perhaps I misdiagnosed the "mini" part.

NOW, back to the "Don't call 911" sentiment. Don't be calling a shrink or sending me sample packets of Prozac. I'm okay!

For me, being a little "down in the dumps" (which is very different from depressed. Believe me, I know how to self-diagnosis that one now!) manifests itself as writer's block. So, for those of you who are faithful readers and haven't seen me smile or heard me cackle in real life, be assured. I'm doing both of those things quite frequently!

Not to be rude and leave you hanging, but I will admit that there are some emotionally-challenging things going on in my life right now that I don't feel comfortable blogging about quite yet. For those of you who pray, I'd selfishly ask for you to mention me to our good God when you talk to Him. Richie and I would love infinite wisdom when making some big decisions about our family. I'm sure you can guess a little of what's going on, but I'll just leave it at that for today.

And now I will go back to the great pick-me-up that is known as March Madness. I'm currently beating Richard by 2 points in our bracket, but I need some big wins tonight to sustain that! Otherwise, I'll be changing poopy diapers for a week!


Anonymous said...

I miss you!