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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ellie's Birthday

I just realized that I haven't yet posted any Ellie-birthday pics. 'Course, we didn't get a lot of them, since we were so busy with the actual parties, but you'll get the idea.

This was the best birthday yet. I think I have figured out the secret: plan her birthday party for the 14th, instead of the 15th (her actual birth day). March 14, 2006 is the day we sat in the neurologist's office, looking at Ellie's MRI films...the day we were told that our daughter had suffered a "significant brain injury". Probably the worst day of my life. Hence, March 14th is a sucky, sucky day.

It worked best this year to plan Ellie's party for the 14th and I'm so glad we did. My brain was consumed with making sure that the cream was on the table and that Ellie didn't get too much of the Cookie Monster Blue icing on the carpet. I hardly had a chance to think of "the anniversary". It was good.

And the day after Ellie's party, on her actual birthday, we celebrated her life and accomplishments. I felt relatively happy. Of course, I had my moments. This isn't what I had hoped or dreamed for my four-year-old. I never imagined that on my daughter's fourth birthday, we'd be strapping her onto the tricycle that we'd have to push, instead of teaching her how to ride a training-wheel bike. But, hey, she's lovin' her little Elmo trike, so it's okay.

Tee hee, can you tell I'm feeling happier today?!

Enjoy the pics of my precious four-year old princess...

On Ellie's actual birthday, when the sun finally peaked through the clouds and it was above freezing!

I also just realized that I haven't posted pictures of Ellie's new glasses! Look at that little mini-me! Aren't they cute? They're also really helping her vision, which is the best news yet. She leaves them on, and the only time she touches them, is to push them back up on her nose. Yay!

Notice the Cookie Monster cake? Another one of Richie's creations. Kid you not! Ellie got her Sesame Street party wish, that's for sure!

Ellie's first party, thrown a couple of weeks before her birthday. And, of course, the famous Oscar cake.

We went bowling for one of Ellie's parties. The first time Ellie's been in a bowling alley. It was a day to remember...


Amber said...

I don't comment often but...she is beautiful and perfect! I LOVE the middle pic of the two of you...she looks just like you. :0)

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, those two cakes are the best I have seen!! Seriously!!! Is your hubby for loan for parties and weddings?? LOL!! Seriously, he did a great job! What a great daddy that Ellie has!!! And, oh my heaven's, could she look any more precious in those glasses!??!! Please... let me squeeze that kid to pieces! I hope Emma looks that cute when she gets hers this next eye exam. Her birthday looked like it totally ROCKED! Thanks for sharing, and I think you guys look a lot alike too.

Sheila said...

So glad to hear the birthday celebration went so well and that you're feeling happier. Ellie sure gets cuter each year! Love the new glasses, they look alot like Malayna's. And those cakes put our Elmo and Grover cake to shame!

The Mitchells said...

I got a question for you...would you post a picture of Ellie at each of her birthdays? And maybe where she was developmentally each year. I'd really like to see her progress!