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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's Talk Politics

Top Ten Political Thoughts Running Through Chrystie’s Head

1. I like the Canadian stimulus package. I don’t like EVERYTHING about it, of course (ie: the tax cuts), but I give it a definite B+. I would have replaced the tax cuts with adding childcare spots and increasing EI payments, but overall, I think it’s pretty solid. I am selfishly loving the $1300 tax credit for renovations. We had someone come down and give us an estimate for hardwood flooring, and let’s just say that an extra $1300 would be eagerly accepted!

2. I don’t like the US stimulus package. In fact, it makes me a bit pissy with Mr. Obama. I think he could have used this as an opportunity to build some bridges and heal some partisan wounds. Instead, he and his team of economic advisers puked out stupid concessions over the entire document. It stinks. Also, I think that…

3. Protectionism, be it American or Canadian, is stupid. Including a protectionist clause into the US stimulus package will only result in further global recession and retaliation from other nations. This isn’t just a US recession. When the global economy recovers, so will America’s.

4. I really miss Tim Russert. It pains me to watch Meet The Press these days. RIP, Timmy-too.

5. I like Ignatieff. Apparently, so do the editors of the New York Times. It’s not every day that a new Canadian politician warrants a NY Times article. I can now declare myself, once again, a proud Liberal.

6. Why won't health insurance (either government or private) cover conductive therapy? You all know how much I love The Movement Centre, where Ellie receives therapy twice a week. Because the therapists at the Movement Centre aren't trained at university in a standard physical therapy program, their services are not eligible for funding. Conductive therapy is administered in a group setting, which means the costs are much lower than one-on-one treatment with a physical therapist. Private physical therapy runs around $100/hour where we live, and conductive therapy is $50/hour. It's not rocket science to figure out that our kids get much more bang for the buck at the Movement Centre! Therapy is the reason why Ellie is able to walk in her walker. Think of how much money the government is saving by not having to pay for a $50,000 motorized wheelchair for Ellie. Intensive (conductive) therapy WORKS, it's CHEAPER, it saves the government (and insurance companies) MONEY and, most importantly, it improves quality of living. I need to become a lobbyist.

7. Nancy Pelosi bugs me.

8. Jack Layton is a crack-smoker.

9. I think that Hillary was a good choice for Secretary of State. However, I was a bit disappointed at the appointment. I really wanted her to head the “Committee that will actually give a rat’s petunia and do something to change Healthcare”. Because she DOES give a vermin’s butt. And she DOES have some clout. And now, with the Democrat-stacked house, is the time to make these changes. Oh well.

10. I left the most controversial statement for last. I know that many of you reading this blog will disagree with me on this one, but, hey, there’s nothing better than a political argument between friends. So, here it is: I am against school-sanctioned prayer in public schools. I know, I know, my butt is headed straight toward Eternal Hot Springs. I just know that I don’t want Ellie to be forced to read the Qaran or to rub the feet of Buddha. So, if that means keeping ALL religion out of public school, then so be it. Ellie can pray to Jesus all day long if her sweet heart desires. My definition of prayer is “communicating with God”. Thank goodness God doesn’t have selective hearing. He knows when we’re chatting with him, even silently. I believe in the separation of church and state. If the government funds the schools, then that separation should be evident. I grew up in a very small, conservative Christian town. Every morning, when we took our seats in the PUBLIC high school, our home room teacher was required to say the Lord’s Prayer with us. My tenth grade homeroom teacher was a foul-mouthed pagan alcoholic. But, there she was, every weekday morning at 9:00am, reciting the Lord’s Prayer with her half-sleeping class of 15-year olds. It was ridiculous. In fact, I would venture to say that it was borderline blasphemous. It had no place in public school. I don’t want that for Ellie.

And there you have it from the cyber-mouth of your favorite wannabe-political commentator!