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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ellie was sick with a cold a few weeks ago. That meant that she was stuck at home with Mommy and Daddy for THREE. DAYS. STRAIGHT.

Finally, I succumed and called up Mama. I told Ellie that Mama was coming over and all of a sudden she was zapped with a surge of energy and she zipped her way over to the front door...

"Mama's here! Mama's here!"

"Mama, get here faster!"

And the world is well...

This morning, when I was brushing Ellie's hair, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, me go to Sussern Mama's house. Me see Sussern Mama."

Sussern Mama is Richard's mom: Southern Grandma. Sweet Ellie is waiting to go back and see her.

The girl loves her Grandmas!


Southern Eccentric said...

And her Grandmas love her!!! Isn't she lucky to have not one, but TWO GRANDMAS that are so GREAT!??! (hee, hee, just couldn't resist!) Okay, the grandmas are lucky to have Ellie, how's that!?!