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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Garbuldy Gunk

If you haven't already realized, the journalist in me LOATHES posts that don't have a definitive topic and follow it (rather) concisely.

When I don't have the time or emotional fortitude to oblige my very expensive journalistic training, I appease myself by making lists. For instance, right now I was thinking that I would organize this post by making it a top ten list:

Top Ten Rambling Thoughts Floating Around Chrystie's Brain Today.

I like things organized that way. Some may call it OCD. So, today, I'm buckin' the habit. I'm gonna ride on the wild side and just spew.

I wish there was a blogger icon of puke. I'd post it here. Cuz, you know, I'm spewing.

We go back to Shriner's in three weeks. I'm a bit nervous. I think, perhaps, hope that there will be surgery discussions. One of Ellie's therapists has voiced her concerns over Ellie's hips (her last x-rays revealed that her right hip is slowly coming out of its socket). We think they might suggest hip surgery. Ugh. I've done a little reading on it (not always advised), and although the surgery itself is pretty safe, Ellie would need to be in a weird hip cast for six weeks. The other surgery to discuss is the ole SDR. I kinda hope that they say she's ready for the surgery sometime this year, but it also scares the crud outta me. To be honest, I've put a lot of surgery thoughts on the back burner. Now that this appointment is looming, they're coming back to the forefront and I feel a bit anxious.

I really do love PRESIDENT Obama. I worry a bit that all this hoopla is only setting him up for a fall, since he can't save the world, but what a glorious change in Washington. I know I should probably be respectful of Dubya, but truthfully, he hasn't done anything to earn my respect. I am so very relieved that the Bush years are over. I heard an "Amen!" comment today. Some political commentator was saying that the US hadn't been this unified since 9/11. He then went on to say that after September 11th, most of the world opened its heart and doors to Americans, sharing in our sorrow, but George Bush closed those doors and stomped on those hearts. Obama is ready to ring some doorbells. Thank goodness, because that's exactly what this country, this world, needs.

You know what bugs me? When women gripe about their husbands because they don't "help out around the house". First of all, YOU married him. Second of all, then do something to change it. People have told me that I'm "so lucky" to have Richard, who shares household crap with me 50/50. While I am SO BLESSED to be married to him, without doubt, his attention to his household responsibilities have nothing to do with luck. We discussed marriage roles on our second date. Had we not been on the same page, believing that marriage is about EQUALITY and gender should not dictate roles, we would have broken up. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but THANKFULLY, choosing Richard, choosing someone whose views of marriage aligned with mine, was not one of them.

I'm now on my second round of antibiotics for this stupid strep throat. Grrrr. Strep throat is NASTY. Guess I need to eat my yogurt this week.

The end.