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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5 Photos Never Posted

I'm busy. I'm tired. I'm uncreative.

But, it's been a week, and HEAVEN FORBID I let this blog slip for longer than that! So, here, chosen at random, are five pictures that have yet to be posted:

Ellie and her schweet, schweet cousin Zakky

Richie and Ellie hang out on Tuesday afternoons while I work. They like doing things like baking. This is what I came home to one of those afternoons...

My sister visiting baby Ellie in Texas. Okay, maybe I *do* miss the baby stage a little bit...look at those cheeks! (Ellie's, not my sister's!)

Ellie's 6 month shots

The change table that Richard made for baby Zach (see first picture). Yes, I said MADE. He's a keeper, that one. (And this time I DO mean that about both Richie AND Zach!)


Bill and Melodie said...

Man, I should have had him whip one of those up for us! It is much nicer than the one we bought!!! Next trip to Bama, he's got some work to do!

Laurel said...

What a cute cousins shot. Nothing like putting them next to a newborn to realize how big they've actually gotten.

Jennifer said...

Ellie is getting to be such a big girl!! how do they grow up so fast? and WOW! the changing table! that is AMAZING! way to go Richard.... and the cookies for mommy. very cool. that's so great that Daddy and Ellie get to spend time together. That's a special thing.

Jane said...

That Richie oughtta come over here and build us a fence. We'll pay him in cookies.