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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Will People Stop Asking?

When Ellie is 10 and the age gap between the two kids would be *too* large?

When I'm 45 and I look *obviously* too old to be pregnant?

Is that when people stop asking, "When are you having number two?"

I remember reading somewhere that if a couple is childless after their seventh year of marriage, people just assume that there ARE no babies coming. And then the questions stop.

So, maybe when Ellie's seven, the questions will stop.

Four years to go...


Anonymous said...

ARGH. I'm pissed off on your behalf. Here's some anecdata to prove solidarity - yesterday the doctor I saw at the Breast Health Clinic said I should come back for another mammogram in March. I said (somewhat bitterly, but I don't think she noticed) "What if I become pregnant between now and then?"

Her response?

"Well, book the mammogram and hope you don't get pregnant in the next few months!"

Hmm. Okay. I'll just HOPE that the thing I'm hoping for the most doesn't happen so I can get my breasts squashed to the point that I think they're going to explode.

Bill and Melodie said...

I just started telling people why don't you talk to God about that for me...