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Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Make Me Feel Better...

A hundred things to say.

Minus twelve energized brain cells.

Equals an "I'll write more later and here's some pictures to appease you" post.

So there.

A little bit of airport fun:

Jelly B'Ellie is pulling up to a stand on EVERYTHING these days! When you've got 7 hours in airports, there are a LOT of chairs that scream, "Pull up on me! Pull up on me!" Being the precious, all-compliant girl she is, she aims to please.

Now before y'all get ugly about the hair: THIRTEEN HOURS of flying and airports. Enough said. I actually had to CHASE Ellie around for a bit. Yes, you read that right: CHASE. Chase, people! THANK YOU, JESUS!

Who knew that the moving sidewalk could be SO. MUCH. FUN. ? For one of us at least.

Never a true airport experience without an arcade.

And a bag or two or three to unpack...


Jennifer said...

No worries about the hair... of course,I'm a mom who's kids' clothes don't have to match and hair doesn't have to be perfect. I think it's cute! that's so awesome that you're chasing Ellie these days. YEA!!!!

Sunny said...

Go little miss E!!!!

momtoablessing said...

OK now i am really starting to think ellie and Audrianna could be related. Audrianna would probably do the same things as ellie in an airport. If only we were closer the girls would get along great