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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Of course, this video's not quite as good as watching my sweet Ellie WALKING, but it's close.

If this wasn't such an important topic and decision, I'd actually laugh. I can only hope that other "US Americans" will laugh their way to the voting box. Because SERIOUSLY. Seriously. If this woman ever becomes president, she'll make Dubya look like a Nobel Prize Winner in Articulation, Sentence Structure, and Sensibility.

Edited to add: Oooh, ooh, I gotta post another one (there's so many to choose from!)! Richie and I have been sitting her laughing our butts off at these videos. As Richie just commented, "Man, they can pretty much fire the SNL writing staff...Palin's giving them material for months!"

Food for thought: I just realized that ELLIE has had a passport longer than Sarah Palin. Wow.

AND, because I am having such a good time laughing at some of these political You Tube videos, and I don't want to completely tick off my Republican readers (although, again, SERIOUSLY?!), here's one of Joe Biden being a crazy dude. I guess we just really have to hope that no matter who becomes president, he DOESN'T DIE during his term!


Bill said...

punished with a baby????
that didn't come out right.... haha

I wonder if Barak has ever mispoke or answered poorly in an interview and the media decided NOT to air it...
hmmm, surely not....

Chrystie said...

Oh, I know without a doubt that Obama and McCain have often misspoke when answering questions. I’m not really faulting either one of them for that. In fact, I’m so aware of this fact that I posted Biden misspeaking in a HUGE way! All the candidates do it, because they’re being scrutinized 24/7.

BUT, Sarah Palin is not misspeaking. It’s not about a “woah, that came out wrong, let me rephrase that!” with her. She was given a SECOND CHANCE (something that Obama and McCain are rarely given) to explain herself and instead of saying, “Yeah, that WAS a dumb answer, and what I REALLY meant to say was…”, she simply reiterated her point! She never thought she misspoke! Not only did she validate her view that living next to Russia and Canada gave her foreign policy experience, she even added the part about “Russian aircraft”. Oh my word! She’s not a “good politician who misspoke” (which is a class I would even put McCain in, btw. I don’t agree with his policies, but that doesn’t mean he’s inexperienced and/or “bad” at his job), she’s a political nutcase!

(PS: For those of you reading the comments on my blog, I would just like to point out that my “conversations” with Bill are a prime example of how two people can disagree, discuss the issues with civility, and remain really good friends. We’re poster children, Bill! :-))

Peitricia Mae said...

I think another part of the problem is one of ratio. If Biden/Obama/McCain makes a mistake, it becomes one appearance in dozens (or more). If the overwhelming majority of what they say is on target (or at least coherent), then we can discount the less successful comments as being "off day" things.

Palin has been allowed so few public appearances that everything she says is put under a microscope. Rightly so - it is unfair to cry foul for undue media scrutiny if she's kept under lock and key and restricted to mostly photo ops. People can and should judge her based on what she says, just as they do the other candidates.

But, if all we have to go on is a small number of interviews (I can count only three since her nomination), then it becomes one "off day" out of three.

Or, by my count, three out of three.