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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MY Girl!

Look at my baby GO!!!

I know it's petty, but there's a part of me that wants to find the email address of the evil therapist who said, "She'll never walk, even with a walker, you know..." and send her this video. Because, really, LOOK AT MY GIRL WALKING!

Now, of course I realize that we still have some major issues. Ellie's legs still cross a lot when she walks (the reason for her therapist's hand in between them, separating them after every other step). She definitely needs some hip support (her home walker is actually being worked on right now, as they are adding a hip stabilizer to it. We go for a fitting on Friday). But, look at her feet! Look at her rhythm! It's like the light bulb went off and she GOT IT! Three years of practice, but she GOT IT.

I am just SO PROUD. When I see how hard she works and how determined she is, I get all blubbery. That's MY girl. I just know she's going to do great, great things. That's MY girl. And, when I watch this video, I really really really feel hopeful that Ellie's gonna walk. Even if it's with a walker, I BELIEVE she's gonna walk.

And did I mention THAT'S MY GIRL?!


Anonymous said...

Like I said on Facebook, GO ELLIE!! This video is amazing, Chrystie. Look at your amazing girl.

I'm speechless with joy.

Peitricia Mae said...


Taunte tears over here. Just smashing through the "you can't"s at every turn.

Lurve that girl.

Bill and Melodie said...

Wow, she's so BIG!!! GO Ellie GO!

Melissa said...

AMAZING!!! That video ROCKS!!
Ellie is a superstar!! :)

Amber said...

Yah!!! That completely brought tears to my eyes...I can only imagine your joy!!!

Barbara said...

Absolutely wonderful! I too have tears of joy in my eyes.


Laurel said...

We are so proud of her. Way to go Ellie!!!