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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Being Two

Don't tell me my daughter isn't a "typical" 2-year-old!

I've heard that one of the benefits to parenting a special needs child is that nothing goes uncelebrated, and behavior that would normally frustrate a parent, is, for us, cause for rejoicing. A benefit? I'm not sure I'd go *that* far, but I will easily admit that the little things DO mean so much more in our house. My heart smiles every time I have to clean up a mess that Ellie's made, because it means she MOVED HERSELF to the scene of the crime, opened a door (or, in this case, toilet seat), and saw life through the eyes of a toddler. What could be greater than that?

So, we'll be keeping our toilet extra-clean, hiding the bathroom garbage can, and ALWAYS looking inside the bowl before we use it, or heaven forbid, flush!


Tish said...

Ha, ha, Grandma loves it! Go Ellie!!! Got to make life "interesting" for Mom & Dad!

Sunny said...

So priceless and perfect! I am so proud of Miss E!!!

Patyrish said...

I LOVE THIS! Definitley a milestone to treasure....awesome pic!

Makily has started throwing toys and we are overjoyed about that. LOL

Peitricia Mae said...

Oh, Ellie! Silly girl :)