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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Same Silly Song

You've heard this one before, but not much has changed on the free-time front, so my obligatory post of the day will be a Top Ten List...AGAIN!

Top Ten Things That Made Me Smile Today:

1. Ellie saying the word "cheese" this morning (while eating it, which is important to note, because it's not like she was just saying it randomly).

2. Chocolate macademia nuts brought from Hawaii from one of our big donors, left in the break room for me, er, all staff and faculty to enjoy.

3. (Relative) WARM weather! It was only -4!

4. Singing with violins, flutes and a clarinet during practice for the Christmas service on Tuesday. I was irritated with myself for saying yes to yet another event, but after tonight's practice, I'm really glad I did. It's been a long time since I've done any classical singing.

5. Picking up Ellie from daycare and hearing that big, "Mommy!!!"

6. Coming home to SUPPER ON THE TABLE.

7. Seeing the crazy blue tree. There is a tree in our neighborhood that is literally 50 feet tall; a beautiful, old pine tree. The owners thought it would look GREAT if they would fling a strand of blue rope lights as far as they could up the tree, and plug it in. So, the tree stands, with ONE vertical strand of lights shining bright. Hilarious.

8. The thought of having a whole week off after tomorrow!

9. Mail! I love going to the mailbox in December. One cannot ever receive too many cards!

10. This one ALWAYS makes me smile: my first cup of fresh coffee with REAL CREAM (hey, it's Christmas, I can splurge!).


Sunny said...

I love your list. My favorite is CHEESE! TOTALLY amazing. She is so smart!

Tish said...

I loved your list! Go Ellie! that's my girl! And the CHOCOLATE macadamia nuts... oh drool....

Anonymous said...

Did the neighbours use the dizzy-spell-inducing LED lights? If so, give my sympathies to Richard. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Richard said...

No, thankfully, I can look at the insane tree without my optical nerves shorting out!