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Monday, December 24, 2007

Let the Gatherings Begin!

Despite the fact that we only have one side of the family to schedule around over Christmas (we miss you, Southern Mom and Dad!), THAT family is a hee-ooj one. I grew up here in this small Canadian town, and all of my family decided, for some strange reason, to stay put in the land of tundra and crazy-cold. Up until last year, I was definitely the "black sheep", living so far away!

My big family, mostly situated within 5 miles of one another, was one of the reasons we moved back here with Ellie. I grew up going to Grandma's for lunch every Sunday after church. I grew up building secret forts with my cousins, and dog racing with my uncles. I grew up having memorized all of my aunt and uncle's phone numbers, never hesitant to call them if I was in trouble (ie: missed the bus). We wanted that for Ellie too. ESPECIALLY for Ellie. I suspect it will be difficult for Ellie to enter into new social situations, where kids notice her disability before HER. I want to give her the safety net that a big family can provide. I want family to be a safe place for Ellie.

And, I sooo want Ellie to love Christmas the way I did when I was little. I know that our traditions may be different, but I want her to anticipate her Sunday School program on Christmas Eve, laugh in excitement over the thought of going over to Grandma's, and smile with glee at the thought of opening gifts, surrounded by people who love her.

So, let the lovin' and Christmasing begin!

Playing with Cassandra

Practicing their big song for the Christmas program (my Aunt is one of Ellie's Sunday School teachers, so she was leading them in their "dress rehearsal")

The first of many...

"Boy, Papa, I'm sure gonna see a lot of you this week!"


Tish said...

We used to go to Richard's GREAT Grandma's for Christmas eve for years and years. But we were the ones wandering all over the place, so missed quite a few when living in other places. I'm glad Ellie has so much family to love on her... but I sure do miss seeing you guys at the holidays!!!