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Monday, September 3, 2007

Movement Centre

(Why do I still find it difficult to spell centre with an "re" instead of an "er"? )

The Movement Centre is where Ellie goes to receive weekly conductive education therapy. CE is essentially like physical therapy, with a focus on intensity (ideally, they'd love every child to come five days/week) and life skills (learning how to live independently). It's FAB, FAB, FAB. I am still in awe of God's goodness, by stirring someone's heart to start a conductive education centre here in Winnipeg. There are only 3 centres in Canada, and one happens to be in the middle of the relatively unpopulated prairies. Rock on for Ellie!

The Movement Centre works on a school schedule (conducting month-long camps in the summer), so we've had the past three months off. Although I'm not looking forward to the 45-minute one-way drive at 7:30am (especially in the winter, argh), I am definitely excited about getting back into the swing of things and watching Ellie progress and be pushed in ways I can't fathom. Ellie is enrolled in "group therapy" (why does the image of three two-year olds sitting in a psychiatrist's office make me laugh?). Tyler and Jackson spend all of Tuesday morning fighting for Ellie's attention and love. It's GREAT. Plus, it means that I get to spend the morning with moms who "get it".

For those of you who care, here is Ellie's progress report from MC. The first column lists the goals for our last semester, the second column details if these goals were met, and the third column reveals the goals for the upcoming semester. I would like you all to note that one of the upcoming goals is TOILET TRAINING. Oh my goodness. Could it be so?


Rural Writer said...

I so thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you and Ellie to the Movement Centre. It's such a great thing for Ellie! I'm so thankful she has this besides "conventional" therapy, because frankly, I think it's better. Thank you God for putting one close enough for Ellie!!

Laura said...

wow! potty training. Fun times ahead! WTG Ellie!!! :)