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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friends are Friends Forever....

...(ha ha! Now I've got that song in your head!!)

Today, one of my dearest friends is moving to Minneapolis. It's not *too* far, and not *too* different, but it's still a major move, and the beginning of a new phase in her life.

Peitricia Mae (for those who don't know, this is NOT her real name. I'd hate for her parents to come upon my blog and be horrified that the rest of the world---because ALL the world reads my blog--is assuming they have bad taste) has been one of my BFF's since eighth grade. Eighteen years! (How did I get to be OLD?) She is a ROCK, and a constant inspiration.

We, of course, are used to cultivating a long distance friendship, since we've only lived in the same country for one year out of the last nine. This fact lightens my heart today; it makes me realize that she will continue to be a BFF in Minneapolis, and that a few hundred miles will not effect the lurve I have for my PM.

I know, PM, that you are a bit nervous about living in the oh-so-scary land of America, so (since I am a list Nazi), here is my Top Ten list for you today, as you make your way down to the Twin Cities to start your new life:

Ten Reasons Why Living in the USA rocks:

1) Cheesecake Factory (more specifically, avocado egg rolls).

2) No fiddling around the car or pockets for loonies and toonies. I MUCH prefer paper money!

3) The weather. Okay, I realize you're moving to Minneapolis, and the average American would list Minnesota as one of the worst states to live in as far as weather is concerned, but IT'S ALL RELATIVE! Minneapolis should be, on average, 20 degrees f (get used to Fahrenheit!) warmer in winter!

4) Old Navy's with WAY more selection.

5) Thanksgiving. There's nothing better than a five day weekend!

6) Speedy health care. Since I know you have good insurance, you will come to love how fast you can make appointments with pediatricians and family doctors down in the States! None of this waiting in the walk-in for 2 hours on a Friday morning.

7) Interstates (at least those with sound bridges and overpasses).


9) Airline options. You will now be able to fly to Europe or New York City or... DIRECT! (Granted, I realize this is more of a "living in a big city" perk, but Minneapolis DOES have a rock star airport with a plethora of flight options.)

10) People will think you're cool cuz you're Canadian!

Today, my sweet friend, I am praying for you, for your babies, and for your partner in crime. May you feel God's warmth on your heart as you get through this next crazy month and adjust to a new (and great!) life. I LOVE YOU!


Peitricia Mae said...

Thanks my love! Ironically, one of the things that has made this move so much easier is knowing that we are *still* BFFs after all this time even though we (well, mostly you :) have lived all over the world at various times. It makes me confident that the distance is totally surmountable.

So far, I'm loving Target the most from the list. Rainbow Goldfish crackers - for cheap!