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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Off to Mall Of America We Go!

Ellie's all ready to hit the biggest mall in the US of A, sporting her new purse! Granted, the only money that's in it is of the chocolate loonie and toonie kind, but she can always window shop (which is the kind of shopping her mama SHOULD be doing...)!

We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning on our southern quest toward Minneapolis. Richard and I are going to test the travelling waters with Ellie, and see how she responds to a seven hour drive. This could definitely be interesting, folks!

Although our proximity to the Mall of America is a HEE-OOO-GE perk, the main purpose of the trip is to see "Southern Grandma and Grandpa". Richard's parents are meeting us in Minneapolis, and we will be hanging out with them for five days. Also note that means TWO very capable and eager babysitters during "Chrystie Shopping Time". WHOO HOO!