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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back To The Saddle Again

Richard and I are off to Dallas this week! We're leaving Miss Ellie at home with Grandma and Auntie Cherise, as we ride into the Texas sunset for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! I am anticipating some bitter sweet moments, as we visit the "old neighborhood" and some "old friends". I am still confident that our move back to Canada was God-led and the right thing for our family. However, I would be lying to say that I don't miss some aspects of our Texas life. I am sure that my heart will heave a sad sigh when we drive past our old house, knowing that it was the first house we ever owned, and the first home Ellie knew. I hope and pray that it will be an awesome time of reconnection for Richard and me, as we relish in the freedom of being childless for five days. I also pray that when we leave on Monday, we will feel as though we're coming HOME to Canada.

And I'll also be sending up purely selfish prayers that the weather will be fabulous and I'll even sport a tan by next week!


Sunny said...


snapshots said...

Hey there! I am de-lurking. I think if we would look at our SJHS yearbooks we would find each other in the pages somewhere. Isn't it funny how the world is so small that after years and years, I am connected with you through my best friend whom you met on a board?! Life is funny that way.

Anyhow, I totally 'get' your sentiments in this entry. I too am torn between my home in the great white north and the 'home where my heart is'. Hope you enjoy your time away.