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Monday, October 1, 2012

Stage Fright

I'm a bit nervous.  To start this up again.

It's been a while.

A long, long while.

It's like the friend who, without reason or warrant,  you never called back.  And then it gets to be 14 months since you've talked, and you feel too stupid to pick up the phone.

But, you miss her and kinda really wanna talk to her.  And write again.

To break the ice, perhaps this post should be a catch-up of sorts. 

I am mom to a seven year old.  SEVEN!  Ellie is so pretty.  And fabulously funny.  And a fantastic first grade student.  Because she's the veteran of the bunch.  As Richard and I explained to Ellie in summer: she did such a great job at being a first grade student last year, we thought she should stay in grade one another year to show the other kids how it's done.  We didn't mention how difficult a decision it was, keeping her back.  Thankfully, this new school year, with Ellie modeling stellar first grade behavior, has left us without any doubt that we made the right decision.  She's made new friends and is academically at grade-level.  School life is good.

Ellie was a flower girl at my cousin's wedding in June.  Precious?  Um, yes.

Physically, there hasn't been a huge amount of progress lately.  I'm sure that's a post (or ten) for a different day.  Ellie's growing up.  She's getting bigger and with that, some things are easier and a lot of things are harder.  She's tall enough to get onto her bed and most chairs by herself.  She uses her walker to scooch onto the bed or seat and can pull herself back.  We hardly ever lift her anymore.  Thank You Jesus!  'Course, with each growth spurt, Ellie's muscles get a little tighter, which sucks.  She's in her wheelchair a lot more, which is also good-and-bad.  She loves to "work" at her desk and can spend hours in her wheelchair, filling her sticker books and doing her "homework".  With that, however, comes the replacement of mobility aids.  She'd always choose wheelchair over walker and would NEVER volunteer to use her canes.  Is life in a wheelchair horrible?  No.  Especially if she's able to transfer herself.  We're re-focusing a bit.  It's not about the walking as much as the independence.  The i word.  I'm sure it will come up many times in blog posts.

Beachin' It 2012

I am married.  Even better than that?  I'm happily married.  And y'all know I'm not taking that one for granted.

Richie and I took a little trip this spring...

I am a librarian.  HEAD librarian.  Eeek!  I was promoted in July, when my boss retired.  I love my job.  I mean, LOVE my job.  Granted, had this post been written a month ago, I may not have used the word "love", but I got through the this-is-completely-wacked-insane-busy month and now it's smooth sailing.  Or, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I am a student.  But, but!  Wait for a it: I am a student at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA!  Livin' the dream, peeps.  Except, it hasn't felt all that dreamy.  Sigh.  It's been a lot of work and a lot of reading and a lot of second-guessing myself.  Ten years out of school feels like a lot.  I've forgotten a lot of stuff.  I need a lot more sleep than I did in undergrad.  However, I've now received a couple graded assignments back, and I'm feeling quite a bit better about things.  I've found a groove and I'm sticking in it.

And for those of you who think Library Science is is.  Useful to the boring aspects of my career, sure, but I've gotta admit that my classes are on the same level as NASCAR on the "interesting" thermometer.  But, I love my job, so I will conquer through.  And, once my pre-reqs are done, I get to go outside my field and take courses in theology and political science and history, oh my!

I am living in my wonderfully wheelchair accessible house.

I am learning about the goodness of God  I could not have come out of the snake-infested valley were it not for His leading and hand-holding.  I'm not doing this life without Him.  Ever.

I am good.

I am back.


The Brandt Family said...

Welcome back Chrystie :)
You were missed

Laura said...

Yay! Looking forward to reading the updates.

Sheila said...

Chrystie - I am so glad you are back! I miss hearing about that beautiful girl of yours! I'm so glad to hear that all is well and you are happy. I feel ya on the challenges of our kiddos growing up and how some things get harder. Malayna started having seizures this summer and is now on anti-seizure meds, something I have feared since the seizures she had at birth. She had her third just last week, just after we thought we were at the full dose of her med. It's a very scary time and nothing is guaranteed so we are re-focusing alot here these days too. I don't know if I've ever sent you and invitation to my private blog but I'd be happy to if I haven't.

I look forward to lots of Ellie updates again!

ellen :) said...

yay! Welcome back! Glad all is well for the moment! :)

Amy said...

Welcome back! I am so behind here, but so very exciting to see photos of beautiful, sweet Ellie! Jealous that you went to Paris! No, I am happy for you! Good seeing you back! I have missed you. I don't do FB that much. It just doesn't feel the same to me!