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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow. Just...WOW.

I'm posting this on both blogs.  It's just too good to leave it on just one.

I was nervous yesterday.  Not nervous for Ellie, but for me.  And then, of course, I felt guilty for being so selfish.  I was nervous about people looking at Ellie.  Not because she was breathtakingly pretty.  Not because her smile was radiant.  But, because of her...uniqueness. 

But, then Ellie came on stage and the only emotions I felt were sheer joy and pride.  I mean, LOOK AT HER.  She just breathes life.  Life to the fullest.  Unabashed happiness.  Because, as Ellie would say of herself, "God made me special and I'm a princess!"

Yes, my darling, you are.


Erin said...

I have tears of joy for you, Mama. A milestone achieved! Too precious. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

OMG! The sheer joy on Ellie's face is awesome. Then add her determination and breathtaking prettiness and she's a rock star! Oh, how I wish I could get Malayna to like frilly, girly stuff! She'd much rather wear a tool belt or play in the dirt with Daddy, which is cute in it's own special way, but how I long to see her in an adorable outfit like this! And The Candy Man puts a smile on everyone's face! Thanks for sharing. Woo Hoo, Ellie!

peitricia mae said...

Ohhhh! She is *gorgeous*!! Such a smile...such cuteness. I heart her so incredibly much!