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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The GOOD Stuff!

Ah, it's time to blog again!  You all thought I'd forget to pop in this week, didn't you?  But, no!  I'm squeaking in with my weekly post, bwa ha ha!  Take THAT, New Year's Resolution Devil!

I was skimming over my recent posts and realized that I've been Negative Nancy lately.  Haven't I?  While "being real" is what I'm about, I also realize that sometimes that downer-posts can get old.  And, really, there are a lot of great things going on in my life right now. 

So, let's "talk" about those things today, shall we?

I lurve my job.  Toward the end of Christmas break, I was counting the hours until I could return to work (though, admittedly, the contempt I started feeling towards all FOUR of Ellie's annoying Zhu Zhu pets contributed to my "get me out of this house!" feeling).  I love my job so much, in fact, that I'm taking the steps to keep advancing in both knowledge and position.  Oh yes.  I will (if all goes according to plan and the admissions committee likes me) be a Masters of Library Science grad school student in the fall.  I'm excited and nervous in the same breath!  I plan on still working full-time and taking one course per semester via distance ed.  So, the ole plate will continue to be full.  But, I think I can do it.  And I think I'll really enjoy it.  And, hey, Richard's a pretty decent writer, so if push comes to shove, he can fire off a research paper or two for me.

Ellie is cute.  She's starting to tell stories and SING stories and play games.  She's cute AND fun.  Cute, fun AND funny.  I like being around her.  I like listening to her make up new card games, which include rules that allow her to win every round.  I like watching her play "pretend school", where she's the teacher and Elmo and Cookie Monster are her students.  Her language has really taken off in the last year and she can take part in pretty interesting conversations.  I am so very thankful for her verbal abilities.  I know that so many of my fellow CP moms would give anything to hear their child speak.  I never take it for granted.

We put our house up for sale this weekend and we had two showings yesterday!  I don't know if anything will come out of them, but it's a good start.  I feel surprisingly calm about house-selling.  It's those darn blueprints for the new house that are causing me all the stress.  BUT, I am thankful that I feel at ease about selling our current house and am hopeful that someone will make an offer soon.  It *is* a bit weird, though, to know that strangers are going through your house, opening your closets.  I had a slight panic attack yesterday when I realized that I had left 2 of my bras hanging in the bathroom (they were drying on the towel rack).  THANKFULLY, I remembered before the showing.  Can you imagine?!  Especially in this small town, because half the people who will see our house are either relatives or acquaintences.  HA!

There are many, many more good things goin' on in my life right now, but those highlights will have to suffice.  Because, oh Evil New Year's Resolutions Devil, I have to get on the treadmill now.  I've got a marathon to run in December...


Danielle said...

Congratulations on continuing to chip away at your resolutions all the way to the 18th of January :)