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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fab Five Friday

I'm feeling a little blue about leaving Florida in 10 days.  It's hard to explain.  I am VERY excited to see our faboo friends and fam back home, but my gut feels conflicted.  We have had a really great 4 months down here and it's amazing how fast your head and heart can turn a place into "home".  My emotions are all over the place.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to articulate today. 

So, instead, I will make a (quickee) Friday's Fab Five list.  A list of things that make me really want to go home.  NOW. 

Things I Miss About HOME:

1)  Babysitters.  It's been a while since Big R and I have been able to go clubbing on the town.  I miss being able to hang out as adults.  I miss being able to pick up the phone to dial the memorized numbers of one of our precious sitters and beg them to play with Ellie for a few hours so that Richard and I can go out.  I also REALLY miss my daycare provider.  Of course, I miss the ability to let HER deal with Ellie's "unacceptable attitudes", but I also really miss chit-chatting on her doorstep every day.  She's a very cheap therapist!

2) My "Kids".  Richie and I are high school youth leaders in our church and we are madly in love with those monsters.  Every Thursday night, my heart cries a little bit, knowing that they're all together without us.  Those crazies bring me MUCH joy.

3) Canadian News.  I know I could log onto the CBC's website every day and familiarize myself with Canuck Happenings, but it's so much easier to just turn on the TV and watch it.  I miss me some Pedro at 10pm.

4)  Sobey's bread.  I haven't found a good bakery down here yet (Einstein's Bagels notwithstanding...they don't sell actual bread), so I've succumbed to buying pre-packaged Nature's Own Honey Wheat, which is CRAP compared to a fresh loaf of Sobey's light white.  With mom's homemade rhubarb jam.  Oh my.  I'm salivating.

5)  My job.  Admittedly, it has been nice to have some time off.  I could get used to sleeping in.  I could get used to going to the pool every morning.  Heck, I'm even reading A. LOT.  But, I don't feel the same sort of satisfaction as after a long, hard (and maybe even productive) day at work.  I miss conversations with co-workers.  I sorely miss the students.  I miss Richard doing half the housework because we're BOTH working outside-the-home jobs!

Good things await me in 2 weeks.  Yup.  Good things.

PS: There are so many PEOPLE I miss, to the point of heartache, but it would simply take too much time to list them all.  So, to my family and friends who weren't mentioned in my list, it's not for lack fo missing-ness that you were absent!


* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful trip home... I see your "state" updates on FB, so I know that you guys are slowly but surely making it! :) Love & hugs.