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Monday, April 12, 2010


It's Monday.  I started out the day on the sad side of the bed.  Feeling discouraged about Ellie's progress.  That kind of stuff.  I perked up a bit when I posted on Ellie's Footsteps.  But, then, I REALLY started feeling better when I examined the pictures for that blog.  Look at ME!  I am a tanned wonder!  For once, the Mommy-sacrifices I make have actually resulted in selfish gratification.  We are at the pool EVERY.DAY.  No joke.  Do I like swimming?  No.  Do I like swimming in freezing cold water?  Extra no.  But, I do it.  Because Ellie LURVES it.  And, after seeing this picture, maybe I'll do it more willingly now too (especially as the water warms up!).  It's the best tan I've had in TEN YEARS!