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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I thought my time of daily blogging had come to an end when I turned over the calendar this morning.

But, my childcare provider told me otherwise. Apparently she (and perhaps a few others?) actually enjoys reading my daily ramblings. While I won't promise to keep up the daily trend, I will definitely attempt to keep my creative writing juices squeezed by posting on my beloved blog more often than I did pre-November.

It's good for me to get my feelings onto cyber paper. It's good for me to laugh. It's good for me to share my heart.

And it's SO SO SO good for me to know that you are praying, caring and "listening". You warm my heart.

So, today, I'll leave you with a very short and funny mini-story:

First of all, to catch the humor in this story, you need to be aware of Ellie's full name. It's ELLISE (isn't that beeooteeful?). And her middle name is Florence. While we don't call her Ellise that often, it does come out occasionally (and not only when we're mad at her!).

So, this morning, I was listening to Christmas music while cleaning the kitchen. Ellie was having a jolly ole time writing to Santa on the chalkboard in the dining room.

I started singing along with the song Feliz Navidad...only to hear little Missy exclaim from her chair,

"Mommy, it's not Feliz Navidad, it's Feliz Florence!"

So, on this first day of December, I wish you all a F'Ellise Navidad!

PS: I know that many of you are anxiously waiting with me to hear back from BC Children's Hospital with a surgery date. I sent the nurse another email this morning so please continue to pray. I am still holding onto this invisible, but oh-so-powerful hope that we can get in before mid-January. Keep praying!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your November posting too, Chrystie!

That's a cute story about Ellie. I will continue to hope that she can get her surgery done soon.

Feliz Navidad to you!

Anonymous said...

btw, I'd love to read a post about how Ellie's speech is coming along (hint hint :) ). It sounds like she's doing great!

Southern Eccentric said...

FEllise Florence indeed! ha, ha, that cracks me up. Love you bunches Ellise Florence!

Sheila said...

I loved your daily posts too, but understand the challenges that presents. I'll be reading whenever you're posting!
What a sweet, funny story! Ellie's doing so great with her speech!

Kat said...

I'm one of those few others who enjoy reading your daily ramblings, Chrystie:)