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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Day After...

Ah, the emotional and physical exhaustion left from yesterday has passed (I love me some Tylenol PM!), and it's time to start a new week.

Several people have asked me how our fundraiser went. Some have been bold enough to ask how much we made, and the more "polite" folk have been hoping I'd give up that information without being questioned.

So, drum roll....



It still overwhelms me. A couple bowls of a soup and a piece of pie. That's all we gave people for lunch. And they gave us so much more. SO MUCH MORE.

I opened one envelope last night. It only took one for me to realize that I couldn't do it. I could not open each envelope, take out the check, read the name on the upper left hand side, then view the dollar amount. I couldn't separate my head from my heart, the numbers from the names. I didn't want to know who gave what.

So, I made Richard do it. All of it. He's amazing that way.

I just know the final figure. And I know I am thankful. Thankful for the person who folded up a $5 bill into a teeny-tiny piece that fit perfectly in the bottom corner of the envelope. Thankful for the people who probably wrote checks for hundreds of dollars. So very thankful.

Here's what a church-gym full of love looks like:

And here's why they love: