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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheater, Cheater, Peanut-Butter-Pasta Eater!

Today is my Bonus Points Day.

Ever been on Weight Watchers? Then you know all about Bonus, or flex, points. Every food is assigned a point value. Weight Watchers then gives you a "total points you should consume in one day" limit, and you're supposed to stop eating once you've hit your point max. BUT, they also give you some "Bonus Points" which can be used for cheating at any point during the week.

I LOVE me some bonus points.

I'm using those blogging bonus points up today. I'm tired. I have plans tonight. I don't feel like writing.

While I'm using my Blogging Bonus Points to bypass a useful post today, this is what I'd use my points on in the real world:

Thai Chicken Pasta from Cheesecake Factory and

Pudding cake, straight from the kitchen of Chrystie's Mom.



Sheila said...

I'm a lifetime member (not at goal weight!) so I know all about points! Mmmmmm....those dishes look sinfully yummy!