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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bama Birthday

Today is "Southern Papa"s birthday. Southern Grandpa bleeds crimson, so Ellie made a little video for him. Precious Little Tide-girl she is! Happy Birthday, Southern Grampa/Dad!

PS: The Saturday Story is still coming, I promise!

PPS: I am always open to blogging suggestions, especially this month! Bring 'em on...


Anonymous said...

Omigosh, so cute!

I'd love to hear about how all of your preparations for next year are going with Ellie's therapy and all! I really wish your little girl the best with her surgery!

Sheila said...

That girl of yours is just too pretty! I love reading your funny stories!

Marjan said...

I'd like some more details too, especially what post op therapy looks like. Will Ellie have to relearn everything? And how come you have to do this in Florida?
What a cute video! Southern Papa will love it!

Anonymous said...

Blog post ideas!

Ellie's post-op therapy, process, skills, etc.

What new things she's saying these days!

How she's doing in preschool (Is she starting kindy next year already?!)

And anything and everything you want to share about your little sweetheart!