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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Obligatory "What We've Been Up To" Post

Well, I haven't yet broken the "2 weeks without posting" ceiling. One day shy.

Things have been wildly busy. How on earth did it get to be mid-July?! Richard was being "Cake Boss" and baking Cookie Monster and Oscar for Ellie's March birthday just yesterday!

The baker and I took our annual "just us" vacation last week. We decided to go to Vegas...again. Oh, sure, we love us some Vegas, but I'm ready to mix it up a bit. The problem is that Las Vegas is so accessible (direct flights from our middle-of-nowhere location) and cheap ($29 one-way!). Where else can you stay in a five-star hotel for $100/night?! I guess Vegas is hurting in this recession because lodging is borscht-cheap. And I love a nice hotel room. Like, one with a TV in view of the soaker tub. BLISS.

It was a good time. Good for the marriage. Good for the rejuvenation. Good for the taste buds (every time we go to Vegas, we change our "Best. Restaurant. Ever." list).

We were gone for nearly a week and by the end of it, I was definitely missing sweet Ellie. This trip was different. This missing-ness was different. No longer was this vacation a "much needed break from parenting and Ellie". This vacation was about connecting as a couple, because we're no longer in dire need of a parenting break. Life is so much easier with Ellie, as she's able to communicate and has better physical and emotional control. It felt good to miss her.

During our vacay, Ellie started her "therapy camp". We are unbelievably blessed to have an amazing sitter/respite worker who was more than happy to look after Ellie while we were gone, and bring the sweet girl to the first few days of camp. And, hoo-wee, is that sweet girl tired! The first week of camp has been a huge adjustment for Ellie. She is so worn out by the end of her day, but we're starting to notice her stamina slowly building, which is great. We're still putting her to bed at 6:30 on weeknights (a bit of a bummer considering it's SUMMER and we have sunshine and nice weather to enjoy all evening!). 'Course, it gives Richard and I a nice long evening together...

...if we were actually home together at night! The day after we got home from our rendezvous, I started my VBS-volunteering stint. I'm currently on night 4 (one more left!). It's fun, sure, but so tiring.

We were gone over Canada Day, but we celebrated July 4th at home, with hopes that Richie-Rich wouldn't feel quite so homesick. Of course, Jelly B'Ellie is the cutest Miss America EVER.

We even had a cookout. How much more US American can you get?!

And there's your 411. Hopefully the next one won't take so long in comin'!


Jennifer said...

That Ellie is SO CUTE! these pictures make her look like a young lady, not a baby girl anymore!!! and so glad you had a great time. WOO HOO!