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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barton Bulldogs

Now, you know I love me some football. Especially college football. Truthfully, I am already counting down the days till kick-off. 121. My mouth starts to salivate with mere thought of that hot September day when the band plays, the red-and-white pom poms wave and the crowd erupts with a deafening, “Roooooooooooooll Tide Roll!” upon Leigh Tiffin’s first toe-touch to the ball.


I also realize that it’s just a game. And while Richie and I bleed a little crimson from September to January, we still prioritize our spiritual, relational and financial lives. And while I feel a little sorry for those people who don’t consume themselves with football, it’s okay not to care about college pig skins. It’s a personal choice, taking place in your personal time.

PERSONAL time. (Unless you’re employed by a football team or college, I suppose.)

Let’s say, for instance, that you are paid to represent your constituents in congress. While some of those constituents may be avid football fans, I can pretty much guarantee that they are expecting you, as their representative in Washington, to voice their concerns over serious and pressing matters. Like the economy. Or gun control. Or taxes. Or education. Or foreign policy. You know, the things that are just a little bit more important than football.

If your name is Joe Barton, and you’re a congressional representative for Texas, you think differently.

Mr. Barton has actually introduced legislation to change the BCS (college championship) and make it a playoff system. Yes, I said LEGISLATION. As in GOVERNMENT legislation. Not “let’s have a few beer, talk football, and go through the different play off scenarios once we’re done work at 5:00” legislation.

Barton is so disgruntled by the current college football ranking and bowl system that he said this of it:

“It's like communism. You can't fix it."

Communism? He’s seriously using the word “communism” to describe a football championship system? Hey, Mr. Barton, I dare you to sit down with my Grandma, whose father was imprisoned in a Siberian gulag for 25 years, and defend the use of the word “communism” in this context.

It infuriates me to think of the money being spent on this bill, on this committee, when people are losing their jobs and foreclosing on their homes. When people are struggling to fund their chemotherapy or when children with cerebral palsy are denied therapy by Medicaid.

I enjoy a good football game more than a lot of people. Perhaps even more than Mr. Barton. But, do you know what I enjoy even more? Knowing that my time and money are being spent wisely.

I popped over to Congressman Barton’s website, and spit out my coffee when I read this:

April 29, 2009: 100 Days: Barton joins Conservative Republicans speaking out on President's record on Fiscal Responsibility

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? Are you kidding me? Do you know how expensive it is to see a bill through congress? After factoring in all the lawyer fees, salaries, time, media, etc., the amount is staggering. But, apparently, it’s fiscally responsible to spend this money in an attempt to change a college football championship setup. Wow.

Maybe, then, it would be fiscally responsible for me to spend $1500 on tickets to Bama’s home opener (which is actually tempting since they’re playing in the indoor, air conditioned Georgia Dome this year…). In fact, I can just take that money from Ellie’s therapy fund and withdraw her from summer camp this year.

Otherwise known as PULLING A BARTON.


Jennifer said...

hey girl! You know you and I don't always agree on politics and issues, but WOW! I am so with you on this one. What an ass! what happens to people when they get elected into office? I actually hadn't heard this story, so thanks for sharing. It's been bothering me for two days now! :-) what a sad, sad waste of resources....

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic, but Chrystie, but I admit that I am a bit curious as to why you like the University of Alabama so much (and have even expressed a desire for Ellie to go there)?? Considering what I read on your (fabulous blog), you seem to be VERY liberal and have a strong aversion to conservatism, especially southern religious conservatism, which is pretty much the essence of a school like Alabama. "Bama" also has a rather disturbing history of racism (some would say it's hardly in the past) and liberal values and beliefs are definitely not embraced by the majority of the population there-- and, honestly, I don't see that changing in 14 years.

I don't have a vendetta against Alabama or anything, I'm just wondering why you're a fan...? Alabama has to be one of THE most conservative/religious right oriented universities in America, a place I wouldn't think you'd be attracted to at all, or would want your daughter to be educated...