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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a Love-Hate Relationship

Today's been a good day. But, it IS still Monday. So, we'll meet in the middle and do a "Love-Hate Top Ten". Put that in your smoke and pipe it!

Five Things I Hate:

1) Chin hair. Why does it grow back so quickly? Pluck, pluck, grow, grow. What a stupid cycle.

2) Stores and restaurants with non-handicap-accessible doors. Do you know how difficult it is to get a stroller through a inaccessible door? Well, I know a lot of my readers do! It infuriates me to think of a few years from now, when I'm trying to get a wheelchair through those doors. And it makes my blood boil to think of Ellie, trying to be a beautifully independent "older girl" (I refuse to think of her as a woman for at least the next 20 years!), running some errands on her own, only to be met with a door that she's unable to open from her wheelchair. I'm starting to make sure that the employees of said establishments know how frustrating this is (I'm being BOLD, not witchy, right?!).

3) Icicle lights. Especially icicle light in freakin' APRIL. Take 'em down, people, just take 'em down...

4) Meth. (I'm watching Intervention. If you ever want to watch a show that makes you feel better about your life, watch some Intervention! )

5) Beauty Pageants. I actually remember watching the "Miss Canada Pageant" and, of course, "Miss America" when growing up. My mom, sister and I would actually make a little girl-night of it. While it was fun hanging out with them, I realize now that watching that crap only fed into the ridiculous stereotype of what a "true girl" should look and sound like. I heard about the controversy caused by Miss California's statement against gay marriage in the "Miss USA" pageant last night. I watched a clip of the "shocking moment" and all I could think about was the fact that 3 minutes earlier, this chick had been up there strutting her stuff in a string bikini! How on earth are we supposed to dialogue a serious subject like gay marriage with someone who dresses like that? With someone who stands in front of a camera wearing duct tape on her boobs in order to make them look perkier? She is an embarrassment to me, as a woman who enjoys having intelligent conversations while fully -clothed.

Five Things I Love:

1) Ellie's word explosion. The girl talks all the time. Big sentences. Somewhat big words. Copying EVERYTHING. Love, love, love it!

2) My job. I really don't think I've ever loved a job as much as the one I've got now. And I've had some pretty cool jobs. Although this week, my job-love is also causing my heart to cry a bit. The best part of my job is the relationship-building it not only affords, but commands. I am expected to be involved in the lives of the students. There are some college "kids" that have touched my heart in a profound way and I'm selfishly sad to see them graduate at the end of the month! While I can't wait to see how God's gonna use them as they venture out into "real life", I am sad to see them go.

3) Sunny. As in, my sweet friend Sunny. While I love her for a million reasons, I especially love her for introducing me to grilled peanut butter and jelly sammiches. It sounds much nicer to say I love Sunny, not just the sandwich!

4) DVR. Richard will love this one. He could thumb up his nose and sing, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I told you so..." It was his idea to get the big TV, and definitely his idea to upgrade to HD cable and, without a doubt, his idea to subscribe to the DVR option. And, oh, have I become spoiled! I can record CBC National News while watching CNN, or vice versa! Mucho happiness!

5) My new highlights. Another reason for number 2. Working allows me to see my amazing and not-super-cheap hairdresser more often!


Anonymous said...

Go Ellie! You've got to post some videos of Miss Ellie chatting away!! :)

Rural Writer said...

Put that in your smoke and pipe it? Interesting. I wonder how many people automatically read "put that in your pipe and smoke it?" ;-)

Richard said...

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I told you so..."