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Monday, February 9, 2009


To YOU, and YOU, and YOU!

Some of you I can (and hopefully DO) thank in "real life". Some of you I can (and hopefully DO) thank through emails. But, some of you are lurkers without known names. To you, I extend a super big blog thank you.

Thank you for all the wonderful words of love, encouragement, wisdom and even butt-kicking (cuz I need that a LOT!) that you leave in the comment section of this here therapy blog. Every once and I while I glance at my counter and I'm always flabbergasted that so many of you pop by! (It also makes me feel much less blog-stalker-ey, because obviously I'm not the only one out there!)

I love all of your comments, I really do. I love that you share in my excitement and in my sorrow. I love that you argue politics with me and that you laugh at my pictures.

I would also love to know who some of you "strangers" are! Send me an email or let me know your blog address so I can stalk back.

You have blessed me today.


Andrea said...

I've been a regular lurker of your blog since my daughter was diagnosed with cp nearly 1-1/2 years ago. You can click on my name to see my blog (which is very rarely updated). Your daughter is adorable, and I love your posts -- the optimistic ones as well as the more discouraging or frustrated ones, because they help me feel less alone in my feelings. Thanks!!