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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Reason Why We Moved to Canada

Oops, wrong photo!

How 'bout THIS:


Great Aunties

Ellie's only girl (second) cousin

Ellie's abusive (second) cousins (with a couple, including baby Zach, not included in pic).

And, of course, all of those who fall under the heading "family and friends".

I have to admit that I still get a kick out of Richard's facial expression when he looks out at the driveway after a blizzard and sees an image similar to the top picture. So, maybe that IS a small part of the reason for moving up here. Tee hee!


momtoablessing said...

Ellie is wayy to adorable we have a dress similar to that its way to big on Audrianna still. I hope you all enjoy your holidays

Richard said...

"... I still get a kick out of Richard's facial expression...", says the person who does NOT do the shoveling :P

Jane said...

I don't feel sorry for the rest of us who have had a lifetime of getting used to this crap. But I DO feel a pang of pity for poor Richard. Ah, but he did it all for love, didn't he? :)