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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top Ten

Life is busy, so no 8 Pages of Thoughts From the Heart today. Sorry to disappoint. I will, however, entertain you with a Top Ten List.

Top Ten Things to be Thankful For Today:

1) We're going to visit some US Americans this weekend! Yup, we're headed down to NODAK for our annual K-Family-Thanksgiving-a-Thon! For over THIRTY years, my family (Grandma & Grandpa, along with their children, grandchildren, and for the past few years, GREAT grandchildren!) has been going South to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. For me, this second weekend in October is not about the traditional turkey and stuffing, but about swimming and shopping and the Royal Fork Buffet and Cribbage tournaments and Sunday School in Grandma and Grandpa's hotel room. Sweet, sweet memories. And my heart nearly cries happy-tears when I think about Ellie starting to make her own Thanksgiving weekend memories.

2) I get to go to Target!

3) I exercised my democratic duty yesterday. I really try not to take this precious freedom for granted. I actually bounced up the steps of the Senior's Centre, on my way to mark an "X" on that invaluable piece of paper. (For my non-Canadian readers, I should explain this point by informing you that Canadian federal elections are being held on October 14th. However, I decided to beat the crowds and take advantage of early voting. Ha!) So, which party received my undying support and loyalty? None. I am quite underwhelmed with all of the platforms (and, in Canada, there are five major parties, so the platforms are coming out of my ying-yang). So, I committed the cardinal Poli Sci Major sin: I voted for the leader I liked best. I know, I know. I deserve to be banished and forced to eat crackles for a year. My saving grace is that I *did* research the platforms, and didn't HATE the one of the party I voted for. But, admittedly, I didn't vote for what I deemed to be the best platform because of that party's leader. So, who's gonna venture a guess as to who got my fancy "X"? I'll give you a loonie if you're right (and by loonie, I mean a dollar coin, not Richard.)

4) I get to go to K-Marts with Grandma this weekend!

5) Ellie's ears, throat, nose and lungs looked good yesterday at the doctor. Poor babe has battling a low-grade fever for a few days now. So, we decided to take her in yesterday, for fear of a "silent" ear infection. Spending 4 days in the hotel pool would be an obvious recipe for disaster were that the case. But, Jelly B'Ellie looked fine. No fever this morning, either, so hopefully she'll be good to go this weekend.

6) I get to spend my birfday gift card at Barnes and Nobes this weekend!

7) The US elections are lookin' good. Don't worry, while typing that sentence, I was simultaneously knocking on wood (my DESK, not my head!). I know there's still a month of campaigning (read: desperate personal attacks) to go, but the polls are friendly and I've found myself less consumed and worried by it all. Several people have emailed me, asking my reaction to the VP debate. I think I'm going to refrain from answering that. I know that many of you like Ms. Palin, and I don't want to be causing any (further) rifts in my friendships. My view of her has not changed, so therein lies your answer to the debate question. I will say this, though: I have a crush on Keith Olberman!

8. I get to go to Super Wallie!

9. Bama has an off week, so we're guaranteed not to lose. That means that we have not yet lost and it's half-way through the season (oh, wait, the season's half done already? Man, that's for my "Things to be sad about" list)!!

10. I'm going away for the weekend!!

Love y'all!


Laurel said...

Happy shopping! Here's hoping you don't experience an unexpected blizzard on the way down.