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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Note To Self

Blog topics that have crossed my mind this week, but lack of time and energy have stalled their spewing onto screen:

*Adoption. Pure joy for my sweet friend Laura who FINALLY received a picture of her breathtaking baby girl who's waiting for her in Ethiopia. Jealousy. Fear. Wondering which path God wants Richie and I to follow. Overwhelmed by the expense of it all.

*Fall Blahs. Summer's gone. I've gotta scrape the car windows in the morning (the garage isn't quite ready for winter parking yet). Ellie's got a cold. Richard's got some weird stomach virus thing goin' on. It gets dark at 6:00. It's all a bit depressing.

*Ellie's speech explosion. My sweet baby girl is talking in 5 or 6 word sentences these days! She surprises us with a new word or phrase literally every day. Today is was "Pocohontas". That's a hard word for a three-year-old (heck, it's a difficult one for ME). We have our first appointment with the new speech therapist on Friday. 'Course, Miss Jelly B'Ellie will probably clam up as usual. BUT, we know what she's capable of, and that's what melts my heart.

*Wanting to go to grad school. Badly. Scared of the MAT or GRE. Scared of tuition. Scared of working nearly full-time and going to school part-time. Wanting to be better at my job (I'd take an online Master's of Library Science program) and learn. Oh, and really scared of tuition (loosely tied to the "adoption" point).

*Meeting my nephew ANY TIME! So weird to think that my sister may go OVERdue in a couple of days, when I was so very early. It brings back thoughts of the terrible month of March, 2005. A bit of a blessing in disguise, since all pregnancy-jealousy quickly dissipates when I think of the possibility of having to go through THAT again.

...more elaboration to come...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading any or all of the topics that have been on your mind!
Angela B

S. Mama said...

If you elaborate on all those topics, that ought to keep you busy blogging for a while! I'll be watching for more news!

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Congrats on being an Auntie soon. We just had a new neice Oct 8 (also overdue). So, that reminded me of those feelings as well. My SIL was careful about what she said to me about being misrible in her last few weeks (only b/c I am said something to her when my own sis was still pregnant after Parker was born early and whining about it! You can imagine!)

You can do ANYTHING you put you mind to! If I can make it through school right now. You can to. I have faith in you. :) YOU CAN DOOOO IT! (You can do it all night long!) What movie is that from? Water Boy... hehehe

WTG on your speech ELLIE. Kick some word bootay!!!!