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Monday, September 1, 2008

Roll Tide Roll

I'm busy.

I'm a bit stressed.

I'm a tad bummed.

It's the first week of school, and when you work in academia, that's a big deal. I am crazily excited to meet the new college students and get to know them better, but the first few days of a new year and routine are always a bit nervy.

This has also been the first weekend in a long time that my heart has missed Texas/Bama/USA to the point of hurting. I miss our friends. I miss Target. And I sorely miss football.

We hung our 'Bama flag beside the garage on Saturday, in preparation for the big season opener. Our neighbors asked, "What kind of weird flag is that? Is there an elephant on there? Are you opening up a safari?"


It'd be nice not to have to explain what "Roll Tide" means. It'd be nice to have other Alabama fans over for the game. It'd be nice to order Sonic number one burgers (hold the onions, but extra tomatoes) while yelling, "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!" at the TV. It'd be nice to rip into Target at 9:55pm for kettle chips.

The highlight of my day today was SUPPOSED to be the Tennessee/UCLA game on prime time this evening. The problem? It's on ESPN. We don't get ESPN in Canada. So, now I'm stuck watching 90210 reruns while refreshing the football score on my laptop every five minutes.


It'd be nice to run away. To friends. To family. To less stressful jobs. To where every cable company offers a College Football package. To where the grass is always greener.

BUT, if I ran every time that life was a little blah, I'd go through a LOT of sneakers. And if my grass was always green, I'd forget how much watering it took to get it there.

And, Ellie now knows how to say, "Go Bama!" so I will watch the game next week with my bestest cheerleader and the number one most handsome fan. And it'll be good.


Tish said...

That's the trouble with having lived in such far flung places! If you were in Texas, you'd be missing Canada. Or Huntsville. There's such different things going on in each place, you're bound to miss something from the other. sigh...

Hope your first week of school goes really well.

Sunny said...

Way too cute!

Laurel said...

I was doing a crossword puzzle the other day and thanks to you, I knew the answer was "Roll Tide". Never would have known that otherwise.