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Monday, August 18, 2008

Twice In One Day

(You're gonna love these, Jane!)

Morning. At the dentist's office.

Dental Hygenist: So, do you have any kids?
Chrystie: Yup, I have one daughter.
Dental Hygenist: Oh, how old is she?
Chrystie: Wee (for some reason, she thought I could respond to this question while she was polishing my teeth).
Dental Hygenist: Oh, she must be running around and getting into EVERYTHING, huh?
Chrystie: (Because I was at the DENTIST'S OFFICE, which will make anyone snarky) No, actually my daughter has cerebral palsy, so she can't walk.
Dental Hygenist: Oh. (Pause.) So, are you thinking of having another baby sometime soon?

Afternoon. At the Disney Store.

Store Clerk: (Looking at Ellie in her stroller) Is she your daughter?
Chrystie: Yup
Store Clerk: Guess she didn't get your curly hair, huh?
Chrystie: Nope. The ONE physical attribute I actualy wanted her to get from me!
Store Clerk: Well, maybe when you have another one, he or she will get the curls!
(Because Ellie is within earshot and she doesn't want to deal with a confrontation at the blasted DISNEY STORE, Chrystie gives store clerk a puzzled look and then walks away.)


Anonymous said...

Why are strangers so comfortable asking that question? "So, are you hoping to have more?" Yes ma'am, 'hoping' is the operative word there, thanks much.

Babe, you and I both know that they're "just being friendly" and of course they don't mean to kick you where it already hurts so much. But damn, does it hurt.


Anonymous said...

LOL - and I didn't even see the tiny foreword!

Patyrish said...

I blogged about scenario's much like these a few days ago.

Yours really irked me though because the suggestion that you should have another baby to "replace" Ellie.


tish said...

I don't know why such a personal issue seems free game for conversation. It can be such an emotionally loaded question. It's kind of like asking a... large... woman when the baby is due. Hey, that's personal and if she isn't even pregnant, boy are you in trouble!

Having babies, your sex life, your financial status... these are just some of the issues where everyone should learn to MYOB.

And we most certainly do NOT need or want a 'replacement' for our sweet Ellie!