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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quickee Prayer Request

Not only have I been a huge-o blog-writing slacker, but now I’m going to petition some last-minute prayers. Oh the audacity!

But, look at this precious face, and tell me that you can resist praying for this sweet thang:

Ellie has an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon in Winnipeg today. This is a BIG one, because we’re going to beg without shame ( hands-and-knees and foot-kissing is definitely on the table) for the doctor to write a letter to our health insurance, requesting funding for the SDR surgery in St. Louis.

We will NOT receive any insurance money for the surgery if we don’t have a doctor write a petition to the health insurance board, so the first prayer request is that Dr. McPherson agree that the surgery is needed, and will advocate for us.

Assuming this happens, the next big prayer, of course, is that the health insurance board will accept the request and provide some funding for the surgery. It COULD be up to 75% of all costs (equalling $30,000, so a huge chunk o’ change!).

In a nutshell, PRAY!

We will also be seeing Dr. McPherson’s physical therapist during the appointment, allowing us the opportunity to talk about any sort of equipment needs we might have. I think that today might be the day we bring up the “w” word. Wheelchair. Gulp.

The mere thought of asking for “Ellie’s wheelchair” brings tears to my eyes, so if you’re already on your spiritual knees, maybe throw a quick prayer for mommy-strength today too. These appointments are never easy, and they often put a pit in my stomach.

I’ll update tonight!


Jane said...

You 3 crazy kids will definitely be the recipient of some "good vibes" from Jane. If you think cookie bribery might help, I can provide. :D

Bill and Melodie said...

Hey! I will definitely be praying for all 3 of you and for the appointment today! Love you guys!