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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cat In the Hat

...or Hat on the Potty!

Ellie INSISTED that she wear her hat during potty-time, and well, how you could let that cuteness go unphotographed?!

(By the way, since we're on the "topic", and you're probably wondering, the potty training is going really well. We haven't dared putting her in underwear yet, but she's definitely going consistently on the potty (and in her diaper, which is why we haven't crossed the undies-threshold), which is great! I am thoroughly convinced that Miss Ellie will be fully potty trained by the time she enters kindergarten, which has always been my fervent prayer and major concern. She is truly a rockstar!)


Kristy said...

I love the picture! I'm so glad she is doing great with the potty. Way to Go, Ellie!!!

Lynette said...

When we were potty training Mason we did the undies while playing outside. That way there was no way to ruin any thing and he hated being wet, so he learned really quickly that peeing on the potty was better than playing with wet pants!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrystie! Ellie looks so cute on her pottie. I wish you lots of patience and lots of good luck. Ellie is a pretty smart kid and when she is wants to she will surprise you with dry diapers. Take care, Luanne