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Thursday, May 15, 2008

And We All Know What Happens When We Assume...

Every few months, these STUPID emails slip into my inbox. I hate them! HATE, HATE, HATE them. I have even asked Pampers to take me off their mailing list, but to no avail. It makes me want to boycott buying their product (but, dangit, they fit Ellie best!).

Each time one of these "Parent Pages--A Monthly Guide to Your Child's Development" bypasses the spam filter and makes its way into my inbox, my heart aches. I try to press "delete" before I read 'em, but often the title alone takes my breath away.

I KNOW I'm not the only one who loathes these "milestone marker" emails. How many excitedly pregnant women have signed up for the "This Week In Your Pregnancy" updates on the Pampers webpage, only to miscarry a few weeks later? How many other parents, whose children are obviously not hitting the "NORMAL" milestones cringe each time they find one of these messages in their inbox?

And, today, how many women who are desperately trying to conceive a sibling for their 37-month-old, cried inside when they read the title of one of the Pamper Pages articles:

Having Another Child?
When Mom's Expecting
An optimal age for a child to experience a new sibling is between 2 and 4 years. The older child can become a nurturer by imitating the parent. A pregnant parent can share the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy.

It just angers me to the core when companies such as Pampers generalize and assume. They ASSume that my 37-month-old will love to learn how to play tag. They ASSume that my 37-month-old has a problem with getting out of bed and walking into my room at night. They ASSume that my uterus works and I'm planning on bearing another child sometime soon. They ASSume that my 37-month-old should have the vocabulary to sing her abc's.

Well, you know what? Assume that I no longer want your stupid emails.


Sunny said...

I can't even begin to count the times I have gotten this crap. I would love to sue them and get diapers for life when I finally have a kid.

Oh I also get formula in the mail.

HUGS to you!

Anonymous said...

Just another reason we cloth diaper. Lack of spam! Oh, and all the cloth bum cuteness...

Kristy said...

I'm sorry! Just love the optimal age thing. Oh yes we all can just decide when we are going to add another child and boom it happens. WHATEVER!!!
I wish you could get them to stop sending those horrible things.

Barbara said...

I hear ya. Those things drive me crazy. I can't believe after every thing I went through that I even bothered to sign up.

Bird said...

Yeah, that stuff sucks--I just hit the delted and keep going. I do cringe a little, though, when I buy the box and the little kid on it is doing so much more then mine can.

Maybe cloth is the answer?!?

missm said...

I've totally missed reading your blog! It's not in my reader, so sometimes I just forget ... got lots to catch up on (and I've got to add you to my greader!). :)

Awhile I go I went through my junk folder and unsubscribed from a bunch of places. Why do I sign up in the first place? I'm still signing up for things. What the?? Why does every flippin' place need my email address for me to access their site?

Anyway, I'll keep you in my prayers with the surgery decisions and all. Lots of big stuff you're going through ...

Patyrish said...

I feel your pain. I DO NOT read that stuff ANYMORE. I used to make myself sick with it. I had a babycenter account when I was pregnant with Makily and it does the same "developmental" thing and I can't even begin to look at it. DRIVES ME CRAZY....same with the "second baby" suggestions.