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Friday, April 4, 2008

So Close, Yet So Far Away

You know that my heart is YEARNING to hop in the car, say hi to our trusty border patrols, and zip on down to Grand Forks this afternoon. Why? Because both Barack AND Hillary will be speaking to the masses this evening!

As the headline reads:

It's Presidents Day In Grand Forks

How great would it be to see and hear the future President of the United States in good ole Nodak? Oh, my eyes would sparkle and my heart would burst.

BUT (there's ALWAYS a but...). I'm sick. Ellie's sick. It's a 2 hour drive, with a who-knows-how-long-of-a-wait-at-the-freakin'-border, and there's not a hotel room to be found in the the sprawling metropolis because it's the opening day of the World Curling Championships (how amazing would it be to hear Obama and Hills AND THEN watch some world class curling? It would be like a banquet AND a dance! Too much happiness!).

So, today, I will keep drugged up on Dayquil and antibiotics, consoling myself with the fact that my Democratic hopefuls are a mere 130 miles away. Then, I will turn on the TV, flip to the ever-so-amazing and well-funded Grand Forks channel and listen to the speeches via that medium. If I close my eyes tight enough, drag the most uncomfortable chair in the house to the living room and sit on it, I may even pretend that I'm in the Alerus Center Arena, live with the candidates.

And then, I will turn to the sports station and fall asleep to some curling.