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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Party Number One

Ellie's so popular that she has to throw TWO birthday parties! Yesterday's brunch bash was held at Grandma's. I was sooo thankful that we didn't have to host two parties back-to-back. It's already a stretch to dust on top of the fridge for ONE!

Cinnamon Bun Birthday Cake:

Ellie takes present-opening SERIOUSLY:

Following in her brilliant percussionist-Mother's footsteps:


Anonymous said...

Just make sure you teach her how to tune the timpani BEFORE she gets on stage... ;)

Peitricia Mae said...

Oh I totally forgot that you did the bells. He *made* you do it because you were the only one who could read music!

That's some serious play food action. It'll go smashingly well with her little kitchen - I'll expect some carrot and cookie soup the next time I'm over.

Bill and Melodie said...

So much fun! Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!